About me

I have done this so many times you would think I'd have something pat to put here, but that's not me. As I've documented in my autobiography, Almost An Orphan, I was raised in a boys' home in the Midwest. The culture there was WASP to the nth degree. The book mostly documents how I broke away from that to become a wine-drinking, art-loving, wannabe writer.

Today, I'm retired and writing my ass off. I've had no real success, but I love to write, and I'm a regular social media jockey where I can spew my liberal politics like planting wheat.

My wife, Gale, and I live in Seattle, currently with two elderly Bengal cats, Casey and Zeppelin (ZZ). We love music, food, wine, theater, and dive bars. I personally love baseball and golf. That's about it, but send me an email if you have questions beyond that.