Living with nature doesn't seem to be a strong suit for us humans. We used to do a better job of it eons ago than we have for the last dozen centuries, but these days we seem to be on some death march to human and animal extinction.

The meaning of life has plagued humankind since we first arrived on the scene. Do other animals ponder this question? We don't know for sure, but I'm prepared to declare that the meaning of life is life itself. Yeah, I know; that needs some explanation.



Simpletons. We have met the simpletons, and we are them! My apologies to Walt Kelly and the Pogo comic strip for appropriating and bastardizing their famous quip. But it is the truth, and since the term simpleton can have negative connotations, allow me to say that I am a simpleton compared to Neil deGrasse Tyson. As used here,...

A.I., it's all over the place, like a dog's breakfast. Experts, people none of us knew existed, are sitting in front of cameras expounding on A.I.'s benefits and dangers. So, what the hell? Why shouldn't I jump in and blab some bullshit?

I'm' going to give this another go; you must admit that I'm tenacious, if nothing else. I'm discussing the debate over a woman's right to decide who and how her body is used. It definitely should not be clowns like DeSantis or Alito. Allow me to point out what should be obvious.

This post is a bit lengthy but explains the evolution of weapons and how they have been developed primarily for military use and aided our species in our evolution on earth but, sadly, have found their way into the hands of villainous civilians and the hands of the aggrieved and mentally disturbed who have filled graveyards with their victims.

That is the basic issue we constantly argue about since the founding of this nation. I will suggest a simple, complex solution, a pyramid; I'll explain that shortly.



Can we save the United States of America instead of splitting our nation between Progressives - The United Progressive States of America and The United Conservative States of America, or is it too late? Do we care enough about our nation, our Constitution, and our ideals to try to save our Union, or do we not much give a shit...

I've wrestled with posting this observation for... well, since Trump began running for the 2016 presidency. I hesitated to sound like I was discriminating against anyone with Down syndrome, children or adults. I can speak from the experience of working with the Special Olympics in the mid-1980s and with children in swimming competitions with Down...



Oh, boy. I will probably regret this post, but I've got to do it. Today, I heard a story on NPR about a white guy who discovered his ancestors were slave owners. Through DNA testing, he found Black relatives whose ancestors had been slaves on his ancestor's plantation. The white guy's name was Craig. It probably goes without saying how...

That headline is supposed to be an attention grabber, but it needs some explanation. First, it has nothing to do with 'Black lives matter.' Of course, they do. Any life lost due to violence of any kind by any people or organization matters. I'm talking about something altogether different; the idea that we have an afterlife.



The Biggest Problem in Communication Is The Illusion That It Has Taken Place.