Elixirs of the Gods


Mezcal! Tequila with an attitude!

I thought I was going to scoop some people here, but I guess I'm too late. Some of you may have seen my FB post yesterday with a glass of Mezcal on the table. Well, this is my new amiga, Espada Pequeña. My friends at El Ranchon Family Mexican Restaurant got this in a while back. Monday is our usual Mex-take-out night. I sit and commiserate with Raul, Saul, Ramon, and the new guy, Javier while having a Negra Modelo in the summer or Mexican coffee in the winter. Then it's time for my aperitif and to order food. It used to be a nice reposado tequila, but then Raul got this Mezcal in, and I fell in love. It's just the right balance of the herbal agave, smoke, and gasoline. 😂 The label is great front and back, but what's in between is where it's at. I saw a post somewhere that I can snatch this up at Trader Joe's at a bargain... hold on while I run over there. No, I'll finish this. This really is a nice smooth Mexcal, so if you like Mezcal, or want to try it for the first time, I'd say this is the way to go. And, of course, with some great Mexican food.