How Crazy Is Putin?


Is he crazy enough to start a nuclear war? I wonder.

We know he's a tyrant and a dictator. We pretty much know he's a narcissist and egotist by his speech and actions. He is a fanatic like the leaders of some religious cults like ISIS. Most of these ruthless people are obsessed with the notion that they, and only they, know the answer to world order. They have a fantasy of the entire world following their dictates, whatever those may be. In Putin's case, he is still obsessed with the old Soviet Union form of government which was basically communist and oppressive to the extreme.

In other words, Putin has a vision for Russia, a vision he wants to export to the entire world. Would a person who was that passionate or fanatical about influencing and changing the world, and his role as the leader, pull the trigger on a nuclear holocaust? In all likelihood, he would die along with perhaps half the world's population. As the instigator of this nuclear annihilation and the wartime target of all the other nuclear powers on the planet, Russia would almost certainly be reduced to an uninhabitable nuclear waste site for the next 10,000 years.

Half the world's population would be dead, and the other half would be trying to scratch out a survival from the remaining rubble that was still inhabitable, if radioactive. And, what's more, if somehow Putin were to survive, the remaining three billion or so people on the earth would hate him and want him dead. Their thirst for vengeance would make a drug cartel mob hit look like a kid's birthday party.

If I'm right, and Putin has an ego the size of Siberia, and he wants to be remembered in history, then he must know that if he starts a nuclear war, there will be no history, no Putin, no legacy, no Russia, no anything that bears his name. He will be remembered as the worst human to have ever walked the planet.

So, how crazy is Putin?