The Bogus Great Replacement Theory


Maybe you've heard of the Great Replacement Theory, or maybe you just heard about it because of the bat-shit crazy white supremacist shooter in Buffalo, NY. If not, it goes something like this; Simply put, the conspiracy theory says there is a plot to diminish the influence of white people. Believers say this goal is being achieved both through the immigration of non-white people into societies that have largely been dominated by white people, as well as through simple demographics, with white people having lower birth rates than other populations. Somehow, they seem to have missed the intermarriage issue, but I'm sure they talk about that as they're loading their assault weapons.

Let's get some pertinent facts on the table to perhaps simplify this discussion. Approximately 10% of the world's population is white. That's all; there ain't no more. If you're viewing this on a screen, here's a map to help visualize what we're talking about. If you're listening to the audio version of this, areas on the map dominated by white people are shown in a powder-blue color. They are primarily in North America and from Western Europe across most of Russia. There's also some blue in the southeast of South America and, of course, Australia. The rest of the world is full of other ethnic groups that include Siberians, East Asians, Southeast Asians, Central Asians, South Asians, East Africans, Central Africans, South Africans, Middle East & North Africans, Oceanians (that is primarily the indigenous folks in Australia), and the last category is Mixed Race Latin Americans who are mostly in Mexico and South America.

As you can see, or take my word for it if listening, the powder-blue color is where white people live. The white people were concentrated in Europe for a long time. Then about 300 years ago, the English exported most of their crazy people (aka conservatives and Republicans) that were causing problems in Europe to the New World, aka the United States where the white people began the systematic annihilation of the Native Americans.

While the Europeans were busy with the ethnic cleansing of the Americas, both the north and south continents, a significant number of white people settled down in both Americas. Later, England emptied their prisons and sent all those white people to Australia.

One quick note about Europe and specifically Russia. It looks like there is a huge swath of white people in Russia, but the truth is, only about six people live in the eastern two-thirds of Russia, the region referred to as Siberia. The vast majority of people (the population is only 145,805,947, which is why Putin is trying to reboot USSR 2.0) live in Western Russia, where winter temps only drop down to around ten-below-zero F. One other element of the blue people's migration in South America was that after the world kicked Hitler's ass in WWII, many Germans headed to South America rather than stand in the dock at the Hague.

Let's get back to the whole population thing. The population of the world is closing in on eight billion people. Most estimates put the number of "white" people at somewhere around 600 million. Allowing for a margin of error, we'll bump that up to 800 million, and it's still only 10% of the world's population. Just in case math is not your thing, that means that 90% of the world population is non-white, meaning that about nine out of every ten people on the planet have some color to their skin.

I don't think there's been a huge change to that statistic, some, but not a lot. The difference is mobility. For thousands of years, only the most intrepid people left their village to wander the world like Marco Polo. People stayed put. Black people kept producing more Black people; Yellow produced Yellow; Red produced Red, and Brown produced Brown. No matter how you do the math, 90% of people of color having children will grow exponentially faster than the 10% of white people, even if they are breeding like rabbits.

In the early part of CE - that's the de rigueur for after Jesus came on the scene (we used to call it AD), people started wandering the planet like crazy. You may recall the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Mongol hordes, the Vikings from the North - we humans were on the march. We were conquering each other in waves of violence and, yes, happily raping everyone as we went along. Whoops, suddenly we have babies with a different cast to their skin. The aforementioned Europeans who invaded the Americas were also bonking many indigenous ladies in the New World. Boom! Little brown people were everywhere, only a little lighter colored than the rest of their indigenous family.

All that conquering whetted our appetites for travel and vacationing in foreign lands. The next thing you knew, we had Club Med, Expedia, B & Bs, and time-shares. It turned out that what all those divan-potatoes really wanted was to wander the world and try other people's food. Not only did they wander and become the dreaded tourists, but many of them took a liking to the places they visited and decided to put down roots.

Along came technology with boats, trains, and airplanes; now, we could travel far and wide by the thousands and millions and do so in considerable comfort. Not only that, but we developed communication techniques like magazines and then radio, movies, and TV, not to mention computers and smartphones. People in the smallest villages in remote countries could see how the rest of the world lived; the world didn't have to sleep in the dirt with a buffalo-dung patty for a pillow. They saw that instead of herding six goats up and down the mountain, they could relocate to a large city where there was transportation, jobs, and goat steaks in a supermarket. Viola', migration blew up like a successful opera star!

Now, back to our little map. The blue Americas and blue Europe - you know, all those white people - built cities and industry and great farms to feed the populace. Call it what you will, but for whatever reason, white people prospered more than some other folks living in jungles or in the desert. Guess what? Those people decided to join us in our pursuit of happiness. People living in abject misery will try to get out and live a better life - totally understandable. And, since 50 shades of brown outnumber us by nine-to-one, they began to grow in size versus the white folks.

It's that simple, folks. There is no fucking replacement theory or master plan by people of color to take over the world. These are folks looking for a better life, just like our insane white ancestors who came here from England. This GRT bullshit is just that, bullshit. It's nothing more than an excuse for the racists among us to act out and, sadly, to injure and kill innocent people like the jerk did in Buffalo. People of color outnumber those of us lacking a lot of color by a factor of ten, and it's simple mathematics. Of course, they will become a majority if they move into our neighborhood. It doesn't mean shit unless, of course, you're a fucking racist.

We do, however, need to stay vigilant about identifying the crazies in our midst. We have to understand they have and probably will always exist, and then, if they start acting like a terrorist, we put them away so they can't destroy the lives of innocent people. It might help if we could conjure up some gun management laws that helped prevent these domestic terrorists from accessing weapons of mass destruction while at the same time respecting common-sense gun ownership if such a thing exists.