The New World Order


Yeah, that's a big bite, and at least a few, if not many, will say I'm out of my paygrade trying to address this topic. My overall vision is pretty simple, I think. How you make this happen is where the wickets get a bit sticky. We have a United Nations, but those rules need to be revisited. For instance, where China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States hold veto power, we need a rule that if seventy-five percent of the other 188 nations disagree with the veto, they can override that veto with a 75% majority vote. The notion that these five countries can dictate to the world must change. We are one world, and we need to be indivisible with justice and equality for all.

Let's start by dispensing with history - no, not erasing it, but stop using it as an excuse to misbehave. For a thousand years or more, this world has been torn apart by wars started by over-inflated men (mostly men), self-centered dictators, emperors, pharaohs, kings, queens, and assorted royalty or even some claiming to be descendants of gods.

Borders have moved dramatically once a victory was achieved by one of these marauding and blustering ruffians. There is no point in trying to go backward in history, as Putin is doing, and lay claim to what is now a sovereign nation simply because it was once a part of something that no longer exists.

We can't give the land back to the Native Americans or offer to let Black Americans return to Africa and claim the land of their ancestors. The Jews have to stop stealing land from the Arabs based on what they say was the world 2,000 years ago, and the Arabs have to stop trying to erase the Jews from the face of the earth. China has to stop threatening to invade Taiwan based on an almost century-old construct that no longer exists in China.

Every nation on this planet and every race and culture can probably make a claim based on historical records that they were screwed out of their land. In many cases, this is true. My family comes from Ireland, and the Brits ran roughshod over us for 600 years, confiscating our farms and lands and sentencing Irish people to servitude. There are undoubtedly lands now in the hands of the descendants of these barbarous invaders, but it is foolhardy to believe I can go back and lay claim to anything over there. What is done is done.

I'm talking here about a new world order - the keyword in that phrase is "new." That word suggests we leave the past behind and move into the future. No one owns anyone else! No nation holds claim to any other country based on some historical event that is long past. We have to cast the boundaries of nations as they are today in concrete. We must swear we will never fight another war over borders or land claims. The only way borders should change is if the two countries agree to a deal. Perhaps one nation can buy part of another nation.

In this mess in Ukraine, for instance. Instead of raining death and destruction on Ukraine and killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children, if Russia believed that the people in Eastern Ukraine, the two areas on this map, wanted to be part of Russia, they should have offered to buy it from Ukraine. Provided a majority of people living in those regions agreed in a referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia then the deal moves forward. If that all played out correctly, then those who didn't want to be in Russia would be allowed to migrate to Western Ukraine and receive economic aid and other assistance in the relocation process.

When all parties have agreed, and everyone is moved or moving that wants to move, you redraw the boundaries, and those orange sections become part of Russia. That's how civilized people trade property; they enter into negotiations, set an agreeable price, and sell it. You don't take up arms and start killing each other, or you shouldn't.

It is time to establish a new world order based on mutual respect for borders, politics, and cultures. There must be rules of conduct on how boundaries might be altered and a world court where disputes could be aired if the two parties cannot agree to terms.

This is the 21st century, not the 14th century where we settled disputes this way:

If the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it should be that we are in this together regardless of our religious, political, or racial differences. We are all human beings, and we all die the same way, either naturally or foolishly.