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The Path I've Traveled


Oh, The Road I've Traveled.

Oh, the road I've traveled is not straight
But I am, it's how I roll
It zigged, it zagged, and often sagged
Weird, scary, and often droll

The early days were not my choice
Others called the shots
Most were not what I'd have done
Consult me they did not

I'd like to claim when my turn came
I did a better job
But truth be told, I erred as much
As my elders in days of old

I bobbed and weaved as best I could
I took a punch, or three
The blows did not deflect my path
But then, I guess that's me

I seldom embraced any faith
Religion not being my game
If forced to say what I believe
Cosmologist would be the name

My life hasn't been all bad news
Though fate seemed bent on that
I shrugged things off and bore ahead
And when needed, I gave tit for tat

White of hair and contemplative now
Some things I'd change, if I could
But, alas, that's not how life works
We take the bad with the good

When my eyes close for the final time
I'll have regrets, no doubt of that
I'll surrender my essence to the cosmos
And perhaps return a cat