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OG Blog: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. Ben Franklin

A persons mind is like a swift moving river, constantly delivering new and wonderful experiences, or it can be like a still, stagnant pond that will soon be the breeding ground of parasites. IrishMikeDavis

April 2022 update: I'm attaching audio files of my blog posts and eventually my books as audiobooks for those who don't want or have the time to read my stuff on the screen. I hope you enjoy that option.

I'm currently using AI voices. I have a microphone setup, etc., but it is a little time-consuming and I'm not sure I have a great voice for audio. I'll likely do a couple myself in the future and see if the feedback is positive.😁

There is more talk of building the wall. Perhaps we should melt down the Statue of Liberty and use it to make a wall against the "tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."
The Russian invasion of Ukraine:

The first time I heard the term "user-friendly" was in the early days of the IT revolution in the 1980s. User-friendly referred to how easy a piece of software was to use by the typical not-techie user or how intuitive navigating a website could be, again, by a non-techie. I can tell you that the term was magic in its...

Oh, the road I've traveled is not straight
But I am, it's how I roll
It zigged, it zagged, and often sagged
Weird, scary, and often droll

He grabs his loaded AR-like weapon and begins to slink along a wall toward the living room where they think the sound came from. He hears something behind him. Finger on the trigger, he swings his weapon around in the dark, knocking a hole in the drywall with the barrel. He sees a blurry image at the end of...