No, I don't still use a typewriter, I just like the nostalgia. Whether I'm writing creative fiction, non-fiction, something journalistic, or social media content, my goal is to offer readers engaging narratives, and where appropriate, the truth. I can honestly say I've never experienced writer's block. I may never win a Pulitzer or place anything on the New York Times bestseller list, but I will continue writing as long as I can take a breath.

A note about Me Blog. I tend to research the doo-doo out of what I'm writing about. That's an overstatement. I'm a skimmer and grabber, but I do look at a lot of data. I don't always attribute materials in my posts, partly because I'm rushing, and lazy, or I often do a bit of editing to something I've found, making it slightly different. I'm not plagiarizing or trying to pretend I'm that brilliant. I'm simply trying to blend various elements of an idea into something the reader will enjoy, and perhaps offer a fresh point of view.