AI Is Coming To Get Us, Oh My!

Published on 17 January 2024 at 14:40

There is a legitimate reason to be concerned about AI. Like any new technology, there are shitheads out there who will misuse and abuse this new tool that will revolutionize modern life. The list of how they might try to do that is a long one, but my focus is on the 2024 election.

Currently, there are few or no rules around the use of AI. Already, AI is showing up in audio files that pretend to be the voices of various celebrities and politicians, urging us to believe this or that. AI can produce images of virtually anything you ask. It can give people the power to produce a duplicate of a Rembrandt or Van Gogh. Trust me. Someone is working right now on having AI counterfeit money. So, you know the scurrilous bastards out there, foreign and domestic, who want to see our grand experiment in democracy fail will use this technology to try to affect the outcome of our elections this year, and into the future.

Sure, our government is aware of this, but given the current dysfunction of the GOP lead House and the narrow Democratic majority in the Senate, the chances of anything getting done in the next several years is slim to none. I asked my Chat buddy what the odds are of the Dems getting control of the House and they said:

“The odds of the House of Representatives switching to Democrat control in 2024 appear to be influenced by several factors. According to analysis, the House may be the Democrats' last best chance in 2024, and the odds of a switch seem favorable. This is in part due to potential gains in swing, suburban districts, and the impact of possible GOP nominee choices for president. Additionally, the potential influence of retirements, legal battles over redistricting, and the dynamics within the House itself may also impact the odds. These elements suggest a competitive and complex landscape leading up to the 2024 election, potentially offering opportunities for Democrats to secure majority control.”

Chat buddy cited a number of media sources, most of which have no clue how the elections will come out. Even if the Dems do get control of both houses of Congress, it will take them at least a couple of years to figure out what the hell to do about AI, and then they’ll have to deal with all the lawsuits by the miscreants who want to fuck with all of us using AI and who will challenge any controls by screaming free speech, freedom to fleece, freedom of the press, freedom to scratch their balls in public, etc. They will string out the legal challenges for at least another three years. In all likelihood, you and I will have to be on top of our game for at least two election cycles.

Guess what all this means? We have to be bullshit proof! It’s up to us, you and me, to vet the shit that is coming our way over the next ten months. My advice? Don’t trust a damn thing that shows up on your phone, iPad, computer, or enters your ears by whatever means is your favorite auditory messaging process. We, the people, have to protect our democracy by not getting scammed. It probably isn’t that hard if you give a damn about our country and government, and are committed to voting for the right person and not some jerk off that a phone AI ad told you to vote for.

Don’t believe the ads that you see or hear that claim Biden eats babies or that the Democrats want to put poison in your drinking water. This kind of crap will be flying fast, furious, and frequently at the vulnerable and the under informed. As for the stories about Trump… it’s difficult to imagine anyone making up anything worse than that crap it has been proven he has already done, but beware just the same.

There are already a plethora of apps out there to help us determine if something is real or AI generated. Just Google AI detector, and you’ll get enough hits to keep you dicking around for hours. Also, use the mainstream media (as opposed to the FOX cesspool). Validate any story you hear by cross-checking with at least two or three legitimate news sources like CNN, The Guardian, Apple News, Microsoft News, or Google News. There are tons of options searching for the truth.

We can do it. We can stop Russia, China, some shithead in Yemen, and various terrorist organizations around the world, as well as our homegrown tin-foil-hat-wearing wackos who are walking and talking (everything but thinking) versions of the Enquirer. We must take up the challenge of voting for the truth, not some AI-generated bullshit.

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