I have done this so many times, you would think I'd have something pat or intriguing to put here, but that's not me. As I've documented in my autobiography, Almost An Orphan, I was raised in a boys' home in the Midwest, not your everyday youth. The culture there was WASP to the nth degree. The book documents how this Irishman broke away from that more conservative view of the world to become a wine-drinking, art-loving, wannabe writer.

Today, I'm retired and writing my ass off. I love to write, and I'm a regular social media jockey where I can spew my liberal politics like wheat chaff blowing in the wind.

My wife, Gale, and I live in Seattle, currently petless, but we'll fix that soon. We love music, food, wine, theater, and dive bars. I, personally, love baseball and golf. That's about it, but email me if you have questions beyond that.